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Vegan Brownie Review - Ko-Co Brownies

Recently I ordered a box of the lovely brownies from a company called Ko-Co Brownies, based in Lancashire. Vegan, dairy free, palm oil free, plastic free, gooey, chocolatey, sumptuous original style brownies. And this is what I thought...

The brownies are available in 3 flavours - original, raspberry and hazelnut - and the piggy I am, I ordered all 3! They can be eaten cold or warmed up in the microwave. So it be rude to not have 3 to try them all and check the gooey nature...

The Ko-Co original brownie, but vegan, is as simple and natural as it comes. No palm oil, no added sugars, and using all natural ingredients.

The taste was chocolate heaven, and if you're like me and miss good quality chocolate puddings, then this is a must! Heated for 10-15 seconds in the microwave, and served with a bit of plain yogurt, it was a delicious treat - for just a few quid.

The next day I enjoyed the raspberry brownie, along with a meat-eater, who didn't even realise it was egg free and dairy free. The raspberry wasn't over powering, or tart, and this one I had cold. One bar is 2 portions, so shared (which took a lot of will power to do).

Last, but not least, the hazelnut crushed topping edition - didn't just shimmer for appearances, the taste was divine! My favourite without a doubt.

I love peanut butter and dark chocolate, so this seemed to give me the goey warm cake feeling with a hint of nutty goodness. Next time I plan to have this heated with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream.

The company promises to make more vegan editions of their products, which I'm excited to try - although in moderation or it won't help the waste loss of course!