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Recipe: Baked Oat, Nut and Seed Spiced Granola

A 10 portion meal prep favourite of mine to have on longer breakfast weekends, or to use as a base in overnight oats. Easy to prep, and simple to batch cook, this baked oat, nut and seed spiced granola packs in a lot of micronutrients as well as 7g protein.

  1. Prep time: 5-10 minutes

  2. Cook time: 15-20 minutes

Click the images below for the on-the-go recipe cards.


  1. Portions: 10

  2. Calories: 214 kcal per portion

  3. Fats: 7g

  4. Carbohydrates: 28g

  5. Protein: 7g

You’ll need a large stock pan/wok and a large oven proof dish lined with parchment.


  1. 400g organic oats

  2. 30g almonds

  3. 30g walnuts

  4. 30g pumpkin seeds

  5. 10g flax/linseed

  6. 10g coconut oil

  7. 10g chia seed

  8. 2tsp nutmeg

  9. 2tsp cinnamon

  10. 1tsp ground ginger

  11. pinch of salt


  1. Measure all the ingredients out

  2. Heat oil in pan

  3. Add spice mix in and coat with oil – stir continuously and don’t let burn

  4. Pop walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds in (don’t bake the chia seeds or linseed) – keep stirring to coat the mix with the spices and oil

  5. Once mix is golden (1-2mins in pan), place in the lined baking tray

  6. In 200oC / 180oC Fan / Gas 6 for 10 mins

  7. After 10 mins, remove from oven, and mix to re-coat and to help the whole batch crisp.

  8. Back in oven for 5-10 mins till golden (not burnt!)

  9. Mix in the linseed and chia seeds into the mix.

  10. Let cool (20-30mins)

  11. When cool, split into 10 portions about 50g

Some reference pictures…

The golden spiced mix finished after 15-17minutes baking in the oven

Baked oat and nut granola served

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